Who is JW?

Hey ya’ll! My name is Jenni, and I am the Co-Owner of JW Photographers. My boyfriend is the other half of this shindig, his name is Jeff. A teeny bit of backstory, Jeff and I met a few years ago, when my mom set us up. Turns out he was a totally kick ass underwater photographer, and when he helped shoot people with me for the first time, he totally rocked that too! We decided to bring our passion of photography together and have come up with JW Photographers. 

I’ve been playing with cameras since I can remember. Got my first one at 1o, and haven’t stopped loving it since. I am totally in love with weddings, boudoir and engagement sessions. Those three areas are the focus of our business, and we strive to be in the know about everything going on in those categories. 

We are different than most photographers because we want you to have a lasting experience. We don’t just throw your images onto a disc and call it a day. We meet with you ahead of time, we plan your session, we plan for the art you are going to hang on your wall, and then we usually go have a glass of wine. Our clients almost always turn into friends, and we want you to become one too! We strive to be better than most out there, we learn and develop, we practice and we grow. 

Jeff and I are both ocean lovers and scuba divers. Although Jeff is a much more accomplished diver than I, we still love to get out there and discover what is under the water. 

So many people wonder, why choose them? I won’t try to sell us to you, but I will say that we are fun, down to earth people, and we have a great eye for photography. Over the years we have focused on practicing our art, we hone in on fine details, and at the end of it all, we walk away with new friends. 

We would be ecstatic to chat more with you about scheduling a session, and we look forward to becoming your new friend 😀


Jeff and Jenni and our little munchkins