Blogger…..I am not

Owning a business is pretty darn sweet. You get to be your own boss, you get to work when you want, you have all kinds of cool freedoms. There is one thing that you can’t skip, and that’s keeping up with a blog. Can I just say that really is the biggest downside for me? Gah! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love to write. I’m currently working on writing a series of paranormal books, and that is super fun! But blogging feels so blah to me. Why I’ve got no freaking idea! I love sharing images from weddings and the stories behind the day, but for some darn reason I just can’t seem to get with the program!

I’ve been challenged by a photographer friend to make a blog post at least once a week for a month. Even if it has nothing to do with my art, I’ve got to post something. I’m sure there is a catch and after a month, she’s going to make me do two a week or something along those lines because she’s evil like that. bwahaha!

So for my first blog of 2016, I am going to share Jennifer and Jessalyn’s wedding day with you. First let me tell you a little story……

Once upon a time, Jennifer went to a bar and saw a gorgeous dame. She couldn’t keep her eyes off of her, and kept going back just to feast her eyes upon her. One night whilst Jennifer was pining after her sultry dame,  she took a turn for the worst and was injured. Jennifer being the knight in shining armor, came to the damsels rescue. She took her fedora and helped her to her carriage. She sent a telegram with her information, should the damsel need any assistance. Jennifer took her fedora home and treasured it like gold. Jessalyn, the damsel, began to send telegrams to her savior with winky messages and Jennifer fell in love. A few short weeks later the two moved into a cottage together and became hopelessly devout to one another. During their 18th month, Jennifer came home to find her dame preparing a splendid feast for her! Being the woman that she is Jennifer came behind her and set a ring in front of Jessalynn and asked if she would become her bride. Jessalyn knew she had found the woman for her to spend her days growing old with. They began planning their nuptials, and couldn’t wait to shout to the world about their love!

So there is the story of Jennifer and Jessalyn, dorky, I know. But what can I say, I’m cheesy like that. LOL. Read on to see some images and such! <3

These two lovelies got married at the Last Stand Guest Ranch, surrounded by friends and family. Jenn and Jess totally DIY’d their wedding day. Everything was put together beautifully and the purple mixed with the country accents was splendid. The J2 thing was so flippin adorkable!

Their officiant for the day, Becky Blaine, was sweet as a peach!

Now one of the coolest parts of their day was their deejay. If you’re from Tucson and you like country music, you know the go to radio station is KIIM 99.5. So these two awesome chicks hired PorkChop to be the deejay on their big day. How flippin sweet is that? Thumbs up ladies thumbs up!

Their tasty cake was done by Cayley Cakes and it fit into their day flawlessly!!

Their guests were so interactive! We had so much fun the whole day with these people, and hanging out with them was awesomesauce! Their siblings and closest friends were a riot the whole entire night!

The day was wonderful, and we are incredibly grateful that these two allowed us to tell their story. We love you ladies and can’t wait to keep making memories with y’all!